Oh, hi there. Welcome to this feature-packed modern Teleprompter. It does some pretty cool things, for example:
You can control it with your voice and it will move the text accordingly. Or just set the speed that suits you and read along.

You can edit the text right here on the page or send it to your device remotely.

It will save all your settings and text automatically. So forget about losing all your work if something unexpected happens. You can send both settings and text separately to any device you use as a viewer.

With its native support for mobile phones and tablets, all the settings are super easy to configure. No more fiddling around and guessing if you got it right.

Finally, we also made sure your text will be easy to read so no matter where you paste the text from it will lose all the formatting and show it in the best way possible. You can also make the text larger, or bold for extra legibility.

If you are a keyboard wizard we have you covered with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts:

P & ESC - Start / Stop Teleprompter
SPACE - Pause / Un-Pause Teleprompter
- Slow Down Teleprompter
- Speed Up Teleprompter
- Scroll Teleprompter Down
- Scroll Teleprompter Up
G - Increase Font Size
F - Decrease Font Size
E - Increase Teleprompter Width
W - Decrease Teleprompter Width
ESC - Exit full screen / Stop Teleprompter
X - Flip X Axis
Y - Flip Y Axis
M - Move Cue Indicator Up
N - Move Cue Indicator Down
L - Download Text From Server

But not to rumble too much, just check all the settings on the right side and try it out yourself.

Hope you enjoy it!